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Why we need your support

With your help, we'll be ready

We are poised to offer the southwest metro area, and beyond, a flagship emergency center that will provide the very best in emergency care close to home. But we can't do it alone.

For 50 years, Fairview Southdale Hospital has provided critical care when you needed it most. Now, we need you.

As a nonprofit organization, Fairview is partnering with the community to make the Carl N. Platou Emergency Center the very best it can be. With strong commitments from community leaders and other sources, we now have under $3 million left to raise toward our campaign goal of $8 million.

You can lead the way to better care for your community. Make a gift and help create the flagship community asset that families in the southwest metro area need and deserve.

Your gift is an invaluable investment in the health and well-being of our community. By choosing to invest in Fairview Southdale Hospital, you can ensure the continued availability of nation-leading health care in our community for generations to come. Together, we can save and improve lives for your neighbors, family members and maybe even yourself.

Please help make this vision a reality by investing in the new Carl N. Platou Emergency Center.

To learn more, contact Brad Konkler, vice president of development, Fairview Foundation at 952-892-2667 or bkonkle1@fairview.org.



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