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The setting for life-saving moments

Behind every visit to Fairview Southdale Hospital’s emergency department, there is a powerful story waiting to be told.

The Bakke family story

"When our son found my wife Lois in the shower, she was unresponsive. The ambulance brought her to Fairview Southdale. A CT scan showed massive bleeding in the brain. Thanks to Fairview’s team, in a short span of time, we went from no hope to real hope. We all felt profound gratitude for the many human talents we witnessed. During those first few hours, Lois’s life was truly saved. Then, months later and after a lot of help, we got to witness Lois’ full recovery.

"Whenever I pass by in my car, I think, ‘The most memorable thing that ever happened to my family happened in the halls of Fairview Southdale.’ It’s the setting for the life-changing moments that happen in our community. Like many of us, I have taken Fairview Southdale for granted, but I believe it’s time for people in the community to do their part to make sure Fairview Southdale’s emergency department is the best it can be for our children, grandchildren and our whole community."

—Steve Bakke, Edina, MN

What's your story?
How has emergency care at Fairview Southdale Hospital made a difference in your life? Share your story.



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