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To request name or address changes or to submit medical/professional staff resignation from a Fairview entity, please complete the Practitioner Change Form and submit it to the Fairview System Credentialing Office.



What is reappointment?
It is the process of re-evaluating a practitioner's current competency after they have been appointed to the medical staff or professional staff at a Fairview entity.

Reappointment Process Steps

  • Fairview System Credentialing Office Reappointment Staff will send each practitioner an electronic reappointment packet approximately five months prior to their reappointment expiration.
  • Practitioners need to complete the reappointment form, checking whether the demographic information currently in our database is correct and completing new disclosure questions.
  • Practitioners also must complete a privilege form indicating the privileges they want to perform upon reappointment. Documentation required for any requested privileges must be submitted with the reappointment packet.
  • Fairview System Credentialing Reappointment Staff processes each practitioner’s reappointment upon receipt.
  • Completed reappointments are sent to the Fairview entity(ies) Medical Staff Office for review and approval by the Board of Directors prior to the practitioner's reappointment expiration.
  • A practitioner’s reappointment must be approved by the Fairview entity(ies) Board of Directors prior to expiration of the initial appointment or previous reappointment.
  • Fairview reappoints each practitioner via a schedule based on first letter of last name. Some practitioners may be reappointed "out of sync" depending on their initial approval date in relation to the current reappointment schedule.
  • Approval of both initial appointments and reappointments is for 24 months for Fairview hospitals and Clinics. These applications follow the Joint Commission hospital accreditation standards.
  • Approval of both initial appointments and reappointments is for 36 months if applicant is only part of BHP or FPA provider networks. These applications follow the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA) accreditation standards.

    Contact Information for Reappointment Staff
    Reappointments: 612-672-7700 and press 2
    NCQA Reappointments (FPA and/or BHP membership only): 612-672-4284
    Reappointments Office Fax 612-672-7733
    Reappointments Office Email: 

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