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NCQA-Certified Credentials Verification Organization (CVO)
Fairview System Credentialing Office

Certification StatusNCQA Seal

  • Since May 2001, Fairview System Credentialing has maintained certification under the National Committee on Quality Assurance’s (NCQA) Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) Certification Program and is fully certified by NCQA for 10 out of 10 verification services.
  • Fairview System Credentialing meets NCQA’s credentialing standards for managed care organizations.

Benefits of Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) Certification

  • Reduces duplicate oversight by health plans.
  • Demonstrates that Fairview System Credentialing Office has the systems, process and personnel in place to thoroughly and accurately verify providers' credential and help health plan clients meet their accreditation goals.

NCQA CVO Certification Program

  • Quality assessment program that health care organizations can use to assess Credentials Verification Organizations (CVOs) and other organizations that verify the credentials of physicians.
  • Evaluates a CVO’s management of various aspects of its data collection and verification operation and the process it uses to continuously improve the services it provides.
  • Voluntary review process.
  • Includes rigorous onsite evaluations conducted by a team of health care professionals and certified credentialing specialists.
  • National oversight committee of physicians analyzes the team’s onsite finding and determines certification based on the CVO’s compliance with NCQA standards.


  • There are two major components to the CVO Certification Survey: 1) determination of compliance of credentials policies to determine compliance with NCQA’s managed care organization (MCO) credentialing standards; and 2) an audit of completed credentials files to determine compliance with NCQA’s MCO credentialing standards.
  • Certification is awarded to participating organizations on the basis of individual credentials elements. Organizations may be certified by all, some, or none of the credentials elements addressed in the NCQA standards. Fairview System Credentialing Office is fully certified by NCQA for 10 out of 10 verification services.

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