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Fairview System Credentialing Office


  • At Fairview, expirables include a practitioner's:
    • License to practice
    • Malpractice Insurance
    • DEA certification
    • Board certification
  • Medical Staff Bylaws at each Fairview entity require practitioners to maintain current expirables at all times. Failure to renew license or insurance will result in suspension of medical staff privileges at the Fairview entity(ies) until renewal is verified by the Fairview System Credentialing Office.
  • The Fairview System Credentialing Office (FSCO) staff monitor expiration dates and request renewals from practitioners prior to expiration.
  • All practitioners on staff at a Fairview entity must provide the FSCO staff with renewed credentials or certificates PRIOR to expiration.


Contact Information for Expirables Staff
Fax Number for Expirables Staff

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