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A lot of women avoid the doctor for lots of reasons - time, fear or simply being uncomfortable talking about their concerns. We know some issues - like bladder, pelvic pain or breast health - can be  sensitive subjects for some women.  But good health is priceless. Fairview Clinics has providers who specialize in women's health and will put you at ease - and ultimately - make you feel better. 

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A moment of discomfort = peace of mind
Most women admit a mammogram is not nearly as bad as they feared. When you consider 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer – it’s easy to see why a mammogram is so important. 
       > Get tips to make a mammogram comfortable and schedule your screening.

Gotta go...  again?
If it seems you’re always running to the rest room or dealing with a leaking bladder – you’re not alone. It’s really a common condition. Urine leakage can be a small bother, or a major problem. If it affects you daily, it’s time to talk to a doctor. 
       > Learn about common problems and treatments, including InterStim® therapy.

Period problems or pelvic pain?
Most women have experienced pelvic pain at some time in their lives, often "putting up" with it. But some pain can be a sign of something series. The doctors at Fairview Clinics are skilled at solving puzzling pain and period problems.  
          > Find out what’s normal and when to seek care. 

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