Service and procedure pricing


The Consumer Price Line at Fairview can give good faith estimates to patients with and without insurance. Call the Consumer Price Line at 612-672-1048 to receive an estimate or fill out the online secure form below.

If you have insurance we will give you an estimate of the Contracted payment amount Fairview expects from your insurance company for services received at Fairview Hospitals or Clinics.

If you do not have insurance we will give you the average charges Fairview expects from you for services received at Fairview Hospitals or Clinics.

The actual estimated payment or average charges may be more or less than the estimate given based on other services received or if services are different than what is requested before the actual visit.

Please fill out the secure online form to request an estimate. When the estimate has been completed the Consumer Pricing Line will mail or email a detailed letter to you describing the estimate.

You can view hospital pricing and compare charges on the Minnesota Hospital Association website.
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