Planning a hospital visit


Common questions about your hospital visit

If you are planning a hospital visit, the following information will help you understand how to pre-register to simplify the check-in process. 
How can I update my address or insurance information before my visit?
You may register online, submit a change of address, check insurance or other information, with Fairview’s online form. Submit changes via phone by calling the Financial Securing Center at 612-672-2000.
Pre-registering may reduce your check in time. And your payment and insurance information will be on record.
How can I find out if my insurance will cover my visit?
You should ask your insurance company. Coverage will vary with each plan. Visit your insurer's Website or call their customer service line.
How can I find out how much I will owe after my insurance pays?
Call our Consumer Pricing Line at 612-672-1048. We can estimate the cost of your upcoming visit. Your insurer can tell what you will owe, based on our estimate. The portion you are expected to pay for depends on your plan.
Will my cost estimate include all of the services that I will receive at Fairview?
No. Treatment often requires more than one service. If you have been in the hospital, you will receive separate bills from your surgeon, anesthesiologist, radiologist, etc. When you visit a clinic, you may have a separate bill for lab work. If you have questions about a bill from any of your providers, please call the number listed on the statement.
Can I be seen even if I don’t have any insurance?
Fairview provides needed medical care and we have payment plans to help you pay your bills. After looking at payment options, you may qualify for financial help. Call the number on your bill or a financial counselor. 

Learn more about Financial Assistance for Patients
Can I pay my co-pay or co-insurance when I arrive?
Yes. You can pay by cash, check or credit card (Discover, MasterCard or Visa). 
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