Patient safety and clinical quality


Striving to provide exceptional patient care and experience

Fairview's health care providers are committed to providing the best and safest care possible for you and your family. You are the most important member of your health care team.

We encourage you to take an active role in your health care by asking questions and openly communicating with your care providers.

We're committed to transparency
As part of our commitment to transparency, Fairview participates in numerous public reporting systems. We measure the safety and quality of our care as well as the perspective of our patients about the service they receive.

These measurement systems are typically based on scientific evidence, often in collaboration with state and national quality and safety initiatives. Many include measurement which tracks how many patients achieve all treatment goals for their disease or condition when they visit a Fairview clinic or hospital.

These links will take you to sites that track the results of many health care providers. It's common for there to be a lag between data collection and reporting.

NOTE: You may need to type in "Fairview" or the name of the particular Fairview hospital or clinic you're interested in viewing and, in some cases, the clinical condition or service for which you'd like to see results.

Results for Fairview clinics
Visit Minnesota Health Scores (part of MN Community Measurement) to find out more about our treatment of specific health conditions, our use of health information technology and results of patient satisfaction surveys. You can link directly to Fairview clinics:

Results for Fairview hospitals
Visit the Minnesota Hospital Quality Report, a resource of the Minnesota Hospital Quality Partnership, to find out more about quality of care and patient ratings of care at each of our Fairview hospitals.

Type in the first letter of a Fairview hospital name in the drop-down menu, select the hospital, then click on:

  • how hospitals perform on quality (select from heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, surgical care and infection prevention)
  • how patients rate their care
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