Patient stories - Weight loss at Fairview Southdale Hospital
Losing weight is not easy – but it is possible. We’ve helped hundreds of patients lose weight and keep it off.

If you’ve had trouble with your weight, you'll relate to our patients. These patients openly share why they turned to weight loss surgery, what the decision making process was like for them, recovery from surgery and now, what life is like after weight loss.  

Beth - One of the first patients to receive weight loss surgery at Fairview Southdale Weight Loss Clinic

Not only did she lose weight – but she’s kept it off for more than 10 years! Learn from her experience and see how she continues to succeed every day.

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Teresa - A journey to weight loss

Like so many other people who struggle to lose weight, Teresa tried many different things.
When she finally chose to have surgery, she was afraid and wondered whether she was making the right decision.

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INT FSH Landing Page Before and After Jeanine

Jeanine - Weight loss success story

Jeanine is a busy mom who’s first concern is her son. When her weight began to limit their activities and potentially shorten her life, Jeanine knew she had to do something.

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Soulaire - 200 pound weight loss success

Soulaire, a busy Twin Cities business woman, watched her health and mobility greatly deteriorate as her weight increased. Once she was ready to stop the trend, she turned toFairview Southdale Weight Loss Clinic.

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Sherry - Lost more than 100 pounds and feels younger than she did 10 years ago

Once she started gaining weight, she stopped looking in mirrors, avoided photos and lots of fun activities.

Those days are over.

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Melinda - Heavy her entire life, she finally made the change

She tried to convince herself that her excess weight didn't bother her, but admits she really was quite uncomfortable and self conscious. She can recall the exact day and moment that she decided she needed to lose weight - not just for looks - but for life.

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