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Fairview was founded in 1906 by a group of Minneapolis Lutherans who chose to give care to the underserved Norwegian immigrant community. That first act of compassion and service to community led to Fairview Hospital, a facility that endured the devastating 1918 flu epidemic, the challenges of two world wars and the transformation of hospitals into a modern-day health care system.

The Lutheran congregations that helped found Faiview continue to provide us with vital leadership and resources. The Fairview Association is our primary link to constituent Lutheran congregations that have sponsored us throughout our history. Currently, Fairview counts 66 Lutheran congregations as partners in community care which provide us with leadership. These congregations also supply community support through parish nurse programs, immunization clinics and community health education.

Sharing the common belief that health and faith are interrelated, Fairview Health Services and the congregations of the Fairview Association renew our covenant to work together as partners to improve the health of the communities we serve.  We will strive to have mutual accountability with respect to the communities we jointly serve.

We will:

  • Encourage and support each other in the mutual ministry of faith and health 
  • Regularly pray for one another 
  • Demonstrate an attitude of mutual respect and openness 
  • Maintain the integrity of our Christian tradition while respecting religious diversity 
  • Provide annual activity and relationship building opportunities 
  • Share responsibility for clear, ongoing communication 
  • Work on long-term projects together 
  • Accept responsibility as mutually-agreed upon 
  • Encourage similar relationships between Fairview Health Services and other congregations

Each year, during the Fairview annual meeting, two representatives from each congregation join Fairview's leadership as voting members to decide governance issues.

For information on the Fairview Association and faith community activities, contact Bruce Pederson, director of the Office of Church Relations, at 612-672-2806.

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