Wheelchair Seating and Mobility

Improving mobility, posture and independence

Fairview’s Wheelchair Mobility and Seating Clinic can help improve your comfort and function when using a wheelchair or scooter. We start by asking about your home, work and leisure lifestyle. We assess your physical skills and abilities and recommend appropriate equipment to meet your needs.


If you already have equipment, we evaluate how well it is working and if it needs to be modified or replaced. To help you get the right equipment from qualified equipment suppliers, we complete the necessary paperwork.

We can help
Wheelchair mobility and seating program can help people with:
  • Mobility limitations due to muscle weakness or balance problems
  • New or recurring pressure sores or wounds
  • Positioning problems resulting from deformities
  • Seating and/or wheeled mobility equipment that is old or worn
  • Seating or mobility systems that may limit your independence

Personalized care
We carefully evaluate your needs and your experiences with equipment. Equipment recommendations may include:
  • Manual or powered wheeled mobility systems
  • Specialized seating components, including seat cushions, backrests, trunk supports, headrests and upper extremity supports
  • Additional equipment to maximize your independence

Patient education and training
We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with the mobility training and education that’s right for you. We may suggest:
  • A seating and wheeled mobility equipment trial
  • Various transfer techniques and devices
  • Methods of skin protection and care
  • A program to build sitting tolerance
  • Other specialized equipment as needed

Learn more
To schedule an appointment, please call 612-273-6228. For more information about the Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Clinic, please call 612-672-2815.

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