Frequently Asked Questions About Edema Treatment

Why is it important to treat swelling?
All swelling injures tissue and can increase your risk for infection. Tissues can harden over time making treatment more difficult. Swollen tissue also can make personal care and physical activities difficult, and may make clothing and shoes uncomfortable to put on and wear.

Are there any times when swelling can’t be treated?
In general, if swelling is due to a heart or kidney problem or to poor arterial circulation, you likely cannot be treated. However, you should discuss the option of edema treatment with your physician.

When is it a good time to start edema treatment?
It is best to start treatment in the early stages. As soon as you notice swelling or issues with scarring from surgery, see your physician and ask for a referral to edema care.

How often should I expect to be seen in treatment?
You will be provided with an individual treatment plan after your initial evaluation with your therapist. The number of appointments needed can range from just one or two to several, depending on your personal needs.

Who provides edema care?
Our staff includes both occupational therapists and physical therapists with advanced training and who are certified in edema treatment.

Do I need a physician’s order to get treatment?
Yes, a physician’s order is required for treatment.

Is treatment covered by insurance?
Most insurance plans cover some or all of your edema care. Deductibles, co-pays and amount of coverage vary. Contact your insurance provider to learn more.

Are compression garments covered by insurance?
Insurance plans may cover all or a portion of the cost of compression garments. Contact your insurance provider to discuss coverage.

How do I make an appointment?
To make an appointment, call the Center most convenient to you.

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