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Tools to improve your independence

Do you have trouble with daily activities due to disability? Fairview Assistive Technology offers a wide variety of tools carefully designed to improve your ability to function and remain independent.

What is an assistive device? It is any tool that can simplify daily tasks. It may be as simple as a reaching tool to help pick up things you cannot normally reach, or a padded handle on a hairbrush you grasp more easily. We offer high-tech units to help you control things like lights, television and telephone. Speech-controlled computers and computers with speech output also are available.

We’ll help you find the right tools for you
Our team of specialists assesses your skills and abilities at work, home or school. We also look at whatever equipment you may now have. After talking with you about your lifestyle, personal goals and needs, we suggest equipment that matches your abilities and can add to your independence. We might recommend a variety of high- and low-tech assistive devices that work together to serve you well.

We may lend you equipment to see if it works properly to meet for your needs. Our therapists provide training to help you get the most benefit from your equipment, and give you easy-to-use technical resources should you experience problems. Of course, we’ll follow up with you to ensure you’re comfortable using your assistive device(s).

Our therapists don’t work alone. They partner with physicians, suppliers and other health care professionals to adapt assistive devices to your needs. When necessary, we help you explore equipment payment sources and get insurance approval.

Assistive technology grants for people with Multiple Sclerosis
People with multiple sclerosis may qualify for financial help through a grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Minnesota Chapter. The aid can pay for your evaluation, assistive technology and training in its use.

Schedule an evaluation
A physician referral is required for an assistive technology evaluation. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 612-273-6228.

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