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For a Healthier You!

Are you or your doctor worried about your child's weight? Fairview Pediatric Rehabilitation in conjunction with your child’s health care provider, can help create a comprehensive plan to achieve a healthier weight for your child.


Prevent problems before they start
Many adult health problems, like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease, begin in childhood and relate to obesity. The Weight Management Program (Healthy You) through Fairview and Fairview Pediatric Rehabilitation helps your child face and overcome the medical, nutritional and emotional issues that relate to his or her weight.

Care and services for your child
Getting to a healthy weight is tough. The causes of excess weight are many and complex--we understand that there is more to weight gain than just calories or energy imbalance. As we assess your child's situation and design a treatment plan, we take into account all the factors that are contributing to your child's weight status.

We provide comprehensive, individualized treatment based on current scientific research and understanding of obesity to help move your child toward a healthier weight. Our overall goal is to help your child be successful in achieving long-term health, both physical and mental.

Conditions we treat
  • Medical complications associated with obesity: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, per-diabetes, fatty liver disease
  • Decreased strength and endurance for daily mobility related to obesity
  • Delayed motor skills (running, jumping, balance) related to obesity
  • Orthopedic issues (muscle and joint pain, poor leg and foot alignment) related to obesity

What we work on
  • Physical therapy and physical activity support
  • Increase range of motion, strength and endurance
  • Improve posture
  • Increase muscle development
  • Help improve strength and ability to exercise
Examples of Treatment
  • Child and family centered care with parent involvement
  • Play based activities or exercise at age appropriate level to teach new skills
  • Provide skilled support and hands on techniques to guide child to learn new skills or regain skills
  • Work with what motivates each child
  • Combine tasks to work on motor, balance and play skills
  • Improve developmental skills
  • Education on community programs and resources to assist in promoting a more active lifestyle

Our Team
Our team includes health care providers, physical therapists and dieticians. They work together with you to assess your child’s needs and develop a treatment plan. If needed, the team may recommend a referral to a psychologist.

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Our Providers Make the Difference
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