Pediatric Rehabilitation Services - International Adoption Followup

Helping your child thrive in a new environment

The adoption of a child is an exciting time for families with many rewards, but also some challenges.


You may have some concerns about the developmental or emotional health of your child. Each child is different. Some will have been well cared for while others may have had little health care. Child rearing practices vary across the world and some children may not have experienced activities that would be typical for children raised in the United States. Some children may have been in an orphanage where there was little adult interaction to model behaviors or teach play skills. Many internationally adopted children will come to their new families with delays in development of motor skills, language, social skills and emotional development. Fairview Pediatric Rehabilitation is here to help you and your child overcome these delays and thrive in their new environment.

Conditions we treat
  • Delayed self care skills
  • Developmental delays/ Motor skill delays
  • Feeding delays
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome
  • Language delays
  • Learning disabilities
  • Sensory processing delays

What we work on
  • Articulation
  • Attention/cognition
  • Dressing and hygiene
  • Developmental play
  • Emotional development
  • Feeding
  • Fine Motor skills
  • Gross motor skills / Mobility training
  • Improving balance
  • Language and cognitive development
  • Range of motion, strength and endurance
  • Safety and independence
  • Sensory processing
  • Social skills

Examples of Physical Therapy Treatment
  • Play-based activities to progress strength and motor skills
  • Improve flexibility through stretching, relaxation
  • Increase stability through strengthening and balance activities
  • Hands on techniques to facilitate improvement in posture and movement
Examples of Occupational Therapy Treatment
  • Play, school and work activities
  • Manage daily life (eating, grooming, dressing, handwriting, reaching, grasping, etc. )
  • Interact socially
  • Cope with the sensory stimulation within environments
  • Combine tasks to work on motor, cognitive, and play skills
  • Provide skilled support to guide child to learn new skills
  • Work with what motivates each child

Examples of Speech-Language Treatment
  • Play based with modeling and prompting of language or addressed skill
  • Table top activities using ipads/ computers, worksheets, pictures, games
  • Techniques and recommendations for home
  • Activities are focused on the child’s abilities and area of need
  • Feeding therapy

Our team
Our team includes speech-language pathologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists. They work together with you and your provider to assess your child’s difficulties and develop a treatment plan. If needed, the team may recommend a referral to a psychologist or social worker. Multiple concerns may be addressed during the same session.

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