Pediatric Rehabilitation Services - Aural Rehabilitation

Helping children recognize sounds and spoken language

While hearing aids and cochlear implants can help your child hear better, the ability to interpret sounds must be learned. Aural rehabilitation specialists guide families through the process of helping their children learn to listen and understand sound.


Aural (listening) Rehabilitation helps your child become aware of, identify, and understand environmental and speech sounds. Whether your child is learning to listen for the first time or improving listening skills, Fairview’s aural rehabilitation specialists help children learn what sounds mean so that they can achieve maximum benefit from hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Conditions we treat
  • Learning to listen with hearing aids or cochlear implants
  • Language delay or disability related to hearing loss, including:
  • unilateral (one ear)
  • bilateral (two ears)
  • progressive hearing loss

What we work on
  • Counsel families about communication options
  • Evaluate listening skills to create individualized goals
  • Coach families to help their child detect, recognize and identify sounds
  • Help children listen and understand the world around them.
  • Develop age-level listening and spoken language skills
  • Develop functional communication skills
  • Connect families to local and national resources
  • Provide support as your child enters into mainstream activities
  • Coach parents to include listening as a daily activity

Our team
Fairview offers extensive services in aural rehabilitation. Our aural rehabilitation specialists are speech-language pathologists who are experts in auditory learning and child language development. All Fairview aural rehabilitation specialists complete rigorous training, beyond their master’s degree, in order to be certified as an aural rehabilitation specialist. Our team includes aural rehabilitation specialists with experience in bilingual language development, American Sign Language, and intervention with infants. Additionally, our team includes a clinician who is certified as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist through the AG Bell Association.
The team at the Lions Children’s Hearing and ENT Clinic includes aural rehabilitation specialists and audiologists. The team also consults with Otolaryngologists, Pediatric Neuropsychologists, Geneticists, Infectious Disease Specialists, and Ophthalmologists with the goal of providing a medical home for families who have children with hearing loss. Aural Rehabilitation starts shortly after your child’s first hearing-aid fitting or cochlear implant activation. Our goal is to begin intervention by 6 months of age. We work with your family, your child’s audiologist and school services to help your child apply new listening skills throughout everyday life.

Why choose Fairview
  • Twin Cities’ leader in aural rehabilitation
  • Our team includes aural rehabilitation specialists with extensive training and experience in a variety of communication modalities, including: American Sign Language, Listening and Spoken Language and Total Communication.
  • Our team has a  Speech-Language Pathologist who is certified as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist through the AG Bell Association.
  • Aural rehabilitation specialists at the Lions Children’s Hearing & ENT Clinic have the unique position of working alongside the children’s audiologists in a collaborative environment.
  • Our team hosts the Auditory Learning Conference which is a unique continuing education opportunity for hearing loss professionals and parents of children with hearing loss.

Related Services

Hearing Aid Program
There are many different types of hearing loss, and many types of hearing aids used to help individuals hear. The correct type of aid must be determined and properly fitted for each individual problem. The Lions Children’ Hearing & ENT Clinic is staffed by audiologists who are Minnesota Registered Hearing Instrument Dispensers. The program offers comprehensive hearing aid evaluations, fitting of a wide range of state-of-the-art conventional, programmable and digital hearing instruments and follow-up services.

Cochlear Implant Program
Many individuals who receive aural rehabilitation have cochlear implants. Professionals from University of Minnesota Physicians and Lions Children’s Hearing and ENT Clinic collaborate to evaluate potential cochlear implant candidates. Our team works to help patients and their families achieve the maximum benefit from a cochlear implant. For more information on cochlear implants or to arrange for an evaluation, call 612-626-5775.

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