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Fairview offers a wide range of rehabilitation services for patients in the hospital and for those who need services on an outpatient basis.  Our rehabilitation team works closely with you and your physician to help you be at your best.

After an ilness or injury, returning to the rhythms of daily life can be a challenge. At Fairview Northland Rehabilitation Services, our goal is to help you regain your strength and skills in a caring, community setting. Our rehabilitation department can help with the treatment of both short-term and chronic conditions. We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is an integrated part of most surgery plans and is important in helping you recover from a stroke, heart attack or physical trauma.

Our team of highly skilled rehabilitation specialists provides unparalleled care and service. Conditions we treat include: chronic pain, headaches, dizziness and balance issues, urinary incontinence/pelvic pain, orthopedic conditions, swallowing difficulties, cognition deficits, stroke and brain injury, sports injuries, temporal mandibular disorder (TMJ), speech and language issues, cardiac-related conditions, communication disorders (stuttering, voice issues) and visual deficits. We work with people of all ages in our hospitals and clinics.

Whether you are experiencing disability caused by accident, birth, disease or aging, we provide services to help you reach your highest level of ability.
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At Fairview Northland Medical Center, we believe a strong partnership among everyone in the chain of care can lead to positive outcome and lasting results. Whether you are working towards a first step or a fast run, our rehabilitation services department is there for you throughout the journey.

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Fairview features nearly 4,000 providers practicing at over 200 locations throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and beyond. Fairview Clinics, University of Minnesota Physicians and our independent partner clinics provide an exceptional care experience, while lowering the overall costs of health care.
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