Cognitive Performance Test (CPT) 2013 Manual and Practice Model


Audience: OT, COTA
Course Level: Intermediate
Date:Octrober 18, 2014
Check in time: 7:30-8
Course time: 8-12 am
Location: 2450 Riverside avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55454
Held in Dining Room A

Course Fee: $75

Contact Hours: 3.75

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Theressa Burns, OTR,
is the Occupational Therapist Clinical Specialist at the Minneapolis VA Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC). She is the developer of the Cognitive Performance Test (CPT), an evidence-based assessment of functional cognition. Ms. Burns has 29 years’ experience in dementia and psychiatric care and research and has worked with individuals from early to late stage disability. Her work has been presented at national and international conferences and published in books and peer reviewed journals since 1990.

Course description
This course presents the neurocognitive base of the Cognitive Performance Test (CPT) and its updated practice model. It includes its use in functional diagnosis, and in predicting capacity for IADL/ADL, independent living, and safety. New research that differentiates CPT levels from Allen levels will be presented including outcome studies in Driving and differential diagnosis for Mild Neurocognitive Disorder versus Dementia. Participants will receive a CPT 2013 manual and practice selected subtasks including Medbox with video case examples and role play. Participants will be able to discuss CPT evaluation in their clinics and practice applications for their clients with respect to diagnosis and prognosis.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  •  Discuss the theoretical base of the CPT as a working memory and executive function measure. 
  • Present new CPT research in diagnosis and driving and contrast this with the Allen model.
  • Review the CPT 2013 manual and practice administration, scoring and interpreting selected subtasks.
  • Discuss the CPT practice model in context of client factors.
7:30-8 am               Registration
8-10 am                  Overview of the CPT, its neurocognitive base and supporting research. 
                                 Differentiate CPT and Allen Levels. 
10-10:15 am          Break
10:30-12pm           Review the CPT 2013 manual; view and practice selected subtasks;
                                 interactive discussion and practice application

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