Continuing Education Guidelines
Fairview Rehabilitation Services

The Fairview Rehabilitation Services (FRS) continuing education (CE) budget is centralized in the Clinical Quality (CQ) Department and funds are allocated for internal courses for Fairview Rehabilitation Services and for external course for the A/T and Clinic Divisions of Rehabilitation.

Fairview Tuition Reimbursement
Tuition reimbursement for college/university course work will be available to eligible employees consistent with the Tuition Reimbursement Policy. Contact Human Resources / Benefits for more information.

Internal Fairview Sponsored CE
FRS-sponsored internal coursework is provided as a benefit for all core and casual employees. Internal courses will be provided by FRS based on priorities established and suggestions given from each service/entity. These courses will be posted on the Fairview CE website and will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Below are guidelines for internal Fairview sponsored CE:

  • Signing up for a CE does not guarantee time off. Employees must go through the established “staff time off” request process
    • It is up to the discretion of the director whether or not CE days will be paid for by FRS or if the employee will use their paid time off
  • Casual employees must meet the minimum work requirement to be eligible to attend internal Fairview sponsored CE. If the casual employee does not meet the work requirement, they may pay out of pocket to attend the course. Payment must be made when signing up for the internal Fairview sponsored CE. Registration will not be processed until payment has been received.
  • Fairview employees who do not have a minimum work requirement within Rehabilitation Services (i.e. work in mental health, Pain clinic etc.) will receive a 50% discount on all internal courses and will register as an external participant. Payment must be made when signing up for the internal Fairview sponsored CE. Registration will be processed when payment has been received.
  • External participants may register for internal Fairview sponsored CE course. Payment must be made when signing up for the internal Fairview sponsored CE. Registration will be processed when payment has been received.
  • Student in an active affiliation at any Fairview Rehabilitation Services location can attend internal Fairview Continuing Education courses for no charge as long as there is availability in the course. 
       Guidelines in receiving CEUs/Contact hours for Internal CE courses
  • Physical Therapy-courses that have been approved for category I PT credit are not eligible for partial credit. If a PT staff member leaves a course early, the CE coordinator must be contacted to remove the Category I approved Language and adjust the contact hours to reflect the time the staff member spent in the course..
  • Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology - AOTA and/or ASHA approved provider courses will not be granted partially approved credits. If an OT or SLP staff member leaves a course early, the CE Coordinator must be contacted to modify the certificate to remove the approved provider status language and adjust the contact hours to reflect the time the staff member spent in the course.
  • ATC-BOC-Partial credit is allowed. CE Coordinator must be informed prior to course to amend the contact hours on the certificate.
Registration Process for internal sponsored Fairview CE courses
  • Access CE Website
    • Internet:, click on services, View all Services, Rehabilitation Services, Continuing Education Classes
    • Intranet: Clinical Teams,Rehab Services, Continuing Education Classes
    • Click on the course
  • Click on registration and fill out form
  • When registering, the director chosen will automatically receive an email stating you have registered for the course
  • An email confirmation will be sent to your Fairview email address for any registered course(s)

External Courses
  • With director approval, FRS may reimburse the employee up to 100 percent of the course expenses. Original, complete, and detailed receipts for expenses incurred will be required. The following applies to all external courses:
  • If the employee pays for the course, the employee will need to submit a copy of the course certificate in addition to the items above.
  • The director may make partial approval decisions based on their overall entity budget. Please refer to the Travel and Entertainment Policy for more details
  • If an employee cancels from an external course paid by Fairview, the employee will be responsible for reimbursement of 100 percent of costs incurred.
  • When determining appropriateness of an external CE, the director considers the following:
    • Clinically applicable
    • Program development/Strategic Growth
    • Specialty area
    • Must not be similar to a Fairview internal CE course
    • Must bring content back to share with employees
    • Two or less external CE courses per employee per year
    • No outstanding amount owed to the CE department due to last minute cancel or no-show of an internal CE course.
    • External CE request Eform (Electronic form)  (fill out completely before sending to CE department)
Registration process for external courses
No Travel and Travel
  • Fill out Eforms found on the Continuing Education Employee Forms and Guidelines page.  Fill out Eforms completely.
  • Once your Director approves, CE coordinator will sign you up.  You will receive automatic email from Eforms stating you have been registered along with any further information attached.
Please note: Outstate/out-of-state travel/hotel will be arranged by the CE Coordinator. Lodging cost incurred will be paid by employee and expensed upon return from course. Once the CE Coordinator receives request/approval in Eforms, employee will be contacted by travel one via email and arrangements will be finalized.

Fairview Employee Cancellation Policy
If you cancel an internal CE course, the CE Department must receive notification at least 2 days prior to the course date or you will incur a $50.00 administrative fee. (Eg: If course taking place on a Saturday, CE Dept. must receive cancellation notification by the end of the day Wednesday). (Exceptions may be made at your director’s discretion.)

If you owe a cancellation fee, you will not be allowed to register for an internal course or attend an external course until the fee has been paid.
Resignation/Terminated Employees
  • If employee (Core or Casual) is signed up for a Fairview Sponsored internal CE at the time of resignation/termination, employee may pay out of pocket to attend the course. Payment must be made immediately upon resignation/termination or the employee will be canceled from the class. If a core employee is staying on as a casual for FRS; the casual therapist will not owe for the Fairview sponsored internal CE.
The following information applies to employees in a core position as FRS does not fund external course work for casual therapist.
  • If external course work has been funded by Fairview and employee wishes to attend after resignation/voluntary termination, the employee must reimburse FRS 100% of the costs.
  • If external course work has been funded by Fairview and employee wishes to cancel out of the course, which is held after resignation/termination, the employee must reimburse FRS 100% of the course and all related cancellation fees and travel expense fees.
  • If the employee resigns/terminates employment within three months from the last external CE course, the employee must reimburse Fairview for 100 percent of the costs incurred.
  • If the employee resigns/terminates employment within three to six months from the last external CE course, 50 percent of the costs incurred will be reimbursed by the employee.
  • After six months of attending a course, there will be no obligation to FRS.
  • Individual situations and circumstances will be considered by the Administrative Team as deemed necessary.

Reimbursed Expenses
FRS may reimburse employees for some or all expenses. Employee must speak with director and all appropriate expense form must be filled out prior to the employee incurring expenses. After a course, if expenses were incurred, employee must follow the reimbursement process listed below.

Reimbursed expenses may include the following:
  • For association sponsored course work, FRS will pay the fee that is charged for association members, the employee is responsible for the cost difference if they are not a member of their association.
  • FRS will pay the early registration fee only if such a fee is offered; the employee is responsible for the cost difference.
  • CE requests must be received by the Continuing Education department  one month prior to the course. Exceptions will be considered based on director’s discretion. Failure to submit registration request within one month of the course may result in employee being responsible for completing course registration including payment.
  • For courses offered in multiple cities, FRS will reimburse local attendance only unless the director approves otherwise based on business priorities.
  • FRS follows the system travel policy

  • Textbooks will be paid by FRS ONLY if required for the course. The textbook will become the property of the employee’s entity.

  • FRS makes all lodging reservations. The employee will be responsible for paying lodging costs (if employee has no P-Card) and get reimbursed upon return.
  • Air travel will be arranged by FRS and must be booked through Travel One Inc. Flights will be booked based on lowest reasonable fare available.
Ground Transportation
  • FRS will reimburse transportation expenses (taxi, train, shuttle, etc) while attending out of state courses only and if only approved by Director.

Parking Fees
  • FRS will reimburse parking fees while attending out-of-state courses only. Local parking is not covered.

  • Meals will be reimbursed when overnight travel is required. An employee will be given a meal allowance not to exceed $55.00 per day including tax and gratuity.
    • If the meeting / conference provide any meals as part of the registration costs, the employee must adjust the daily guideline according to the amounts above.
    • No alcoholic beverages will be reimbursed.
    • Gratuities or tipping is limited to 20% of the charge unless the gratuity is automatically assessed by the establishment/restaurant for larger groups or functions.

Original detailed/itemized receipts will be required for ALL expenses, regardless of dollar amount. General credit card receipts do not qualify as a valid receipt. All expenses and itemized receipts must be submitted to your director within 30 days of trip/expense or the employee forfeits reimbursement.

Reimbursed expenses exclude the following:
  • Travel to/from local courses
  • Parking fees for local courses
  • Lodging and Meals if attending local courses (within 100 miles of place of work)
  • Car Rental
  • Hotel phone calls (employee will be reimbursed for one personal phone call per day).

Reimbursement Process
The processes for reimbursement after attending an external course (either paying with your own money or using the P-card process may include one or more of the following:

Out of Pocket Reimbursement (all expenses are paid through the out of pocket program – if you are not currently set up, please have director contact Pat Robinson 612-672-4971 to be set up in the out of pocket program).
  • Submit the following to the CE department (711 Kasota SE) 
    • a detailed itemized list of all expenses
    • a copy of all of your original receipts
    • a copy of the original brochure

P-Card Reconciliation
(all approved expenses that are charged to the P-card must follow this process)
  • Submit the following to the CE department (711 Kasota ave SE):
    • a detailed itemized list of all expenses
    • a copy of all of your original receipts
    • a copy of the original brochure,

Once CE department receives above information
(for either the OOP program or the P-card reconciliation):
  • CE Coordinator will provide employee the information regarding business unit, operating unit,
        department and sub account to float the expenses to when employee is entering out of pocket
        expenses or their P-card
  • once employee receives information above, enter the out of pocket expenses or reconcile the p-
       card and submit original receipts to pcard department at 400 stinson 2nd floor

**All expenses must be turned in within 30 days of course completion
**Failure to attend the course, without proper notification, will result in paying back 100% of the costs to FRS and may include loss of CE benefits, including the ability to attend future CE courses.

International Course Work/Travel
Individuals shall not be reimbursed for seminars, conferences or conventions held outside the 48-contiguous United States or on cruise ships unless authorized by the CEO in advance of the trip and only after review by Fairview’s Tax Department to determine whether the trip qualifies for reimbursement under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Moreover, any such seminar, conference or convention held outside the 48-contiguous United States must be of such a nature to provide a unique educational learning experience that is directly related to and in furtherance of the active conduct of Fairview’s business. For purposes of this policy, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and cruises are considered “International Travel.”

Professional Dues Reimbursement Guidelines
  • 50 percent of annual professional membership fees incurred from state / national organizations may be taken out of department allocations if the following requirements are met:
    • The employee has authorized hours of 40 or more per pay period
    • The employee provides something of value to Fairview as a result of membership sponsorship (value based on directors’ discretion)
    • Attendance at a minimum of two local chapter business meetings or participates on one national committee
  • Reimbursement can include national or state chapter dues, however, will not include additional special section dues or other miscellaneous fees
  • If the employee resigns or changes status to less than 40 hours per pay period within six months of reimbursement, the employee will be responsible for 100 percent of full costs incurred and must reimburse Fairview
  • Fees incurred as a result of professional license / certification / registration fees will not be reimbursed.

Specialty Certification
FRS may pay for the cost to obtain certification in an area of specialization pre-approved by the FRS Administrative Team. Full or partial reimbursement will be negotiated based on overall costs necessary. If the employee resigns within one year following the certification examination, the employee will be responsible for 100 percent reimbursement to Fairview of full costs incurred.

FRS will pay employees with advanced knowledge, expertise or experience to present an internally- sponsored course. All honorariums will be negotiated with the CE Coordinator/Director based on expertise and experience. Reimbursed expenses exclude the following:
  • Local mileage and parking fees
  • Meals
  • Cost of slides greater than $100.00 (reimbursed slides will become the property of Fairview).

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