Weekend Mentoring Program at University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview

What is the Weekend Mentoring Program?

This program offers an opportunity to learn from and to work with experienced clinicians in an acute care setting while earning money and obtaining category 1 CEUs.

The basic course includes education and training about lines, tubes, drains, geriatrics, solid organ transplant, bariatrics, cystic fibrosis, neuroscience and oncology.

Following completion of the basic course, you may move on to the advanced course, which includes critical lab values, intensive care, cardiovascular, and blood and marrow transplant. In this program, the mentor provides both didactic and clinical training on each unit to ensure safe, competent care with a variety of patient populations. The training is an adjunct to providing care in other rehabilitation settings such as outpatient and home care.

Application Criteria

  • Must be licensed as a PT/PTA in the state of Minnesota
  • Must commit to one year of working 16 hours per month on weekends at University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview (UMMC). (If working weekends at another site within Fairview, details would be worked out between supervisors and applicant.)

Benefits of the Weekend Mentoring Program
  • Earn category 1 CEUs (basic program 6.5 CEU; advanced program 6.0 CEUs)
  • Increase understanding of complex medical conditions
  • Make extra money by working two weekend days per month

Recent graduate testimonial
“I completed the UMMC mentoring program in 2008-2010 and am so grateful to have had the opportunity. I initially saw this program as a good chance to work outside of my comfort zone and broaden my clinical skills and was not disappointed. The program allowed me to gain knowledge and exposure to patient populations I do not otherwise work with. The therapists that served as mentors are clearly experts in their respective areas and working with these individuals was one of the greatest strengths of the program. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be able to co-treat patients with the mentors to learn from their experience. I feel participating in this program has helped me to develop into a more well-rounded and more confident clinician.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Weekend Mentoring Program at UMMC, please contact Kim Peters, Physical Therapy Supervisor at 612-273-8922 or email at

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