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Sandra McGurran

Fairview Care Management and Coordination welcomes chances to speak to groups. We can tailor our talks for your needs. Call us at 612-728-4338 or e-mail to arrange a talk on any of the following subjects.
Navigating the maze of senior and chronic care
Don’t wait until the crisis hits to decide how you or a loved one will be cared for when age and ability change. This class will give you information to make educated decisions for yourself and your family.
Only 5 percent of seniors live in nursing homes. The rest live on their own or with family. The demands placed on seniors and those living with chronic illness as they navigate the maze of health care services can be overwhelming.
In this class we will address many of these questions as we explore:
  • Assessing your situation and arising needs
  • Researching options in lodging, health care and community resources
  • Financing or care options with private funds, long-term care insurance, Medicare and county programs
  • Balancing family and care giving, and communicating with other family members 
 Other seminar topics include:
Long-Distance Care Giving 
  • Managing aging issues from miles away 

Family Care Giving
  • Your parent and your new roles
  • Effective communication
  • Managing behavior changes
  • Evolving sibling and family roles
Legal and Financial Matters 
  • Long-term care insurance, Medicare supplements
  • Legal aids in decision-making
  • Payment sources
  • Advance directives
  • Fraud protection
Aging and Physical Changes 
  • What is "normal aging"?
  • Staying independent
Advance Directives 
  • Living wills
  • Planning for incapacity
  • What to do with untitled property; how to avoid family fights
  • Consider retiring in stages
  • Choosing a community and moving issues
  • Family relationships
  • How to adjust the dream because of health or finances 
How to Divide the “Stuff” Without Dividing the Family 
  • How to talk with family members and begin the process of dividing non-titled property (jewelry, furniture, etc.)
  • How to avoid emotional conflicts
  • How to ensure that loving memories are passed down to the generations
  • How to make this a memory-filled experience and not one of dread
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