Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor

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Mary felt the lump while taking a shower. She’d been doing regular self-breast exams for some time so was concerned. Within a couple days, she had an appointment with her family doctor who sent her to have a biopsy performed on the lump. The result was a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer.

As one would imagine, Mary was stunned by the diagnosis. However, she knew she would survive it. “I’ve seen and heard about so many people who beat breast cancer. I didn’t think I would be any different than them.”

The surgeon who performed the biopsy recommended that she start treatment immediately and since it would be rigorous, that she should go to a medical center close to home. Without reservation, Mary says she chose Fairview Lakes Medical Center not only because was it close, but also, as importantly, it had a great reputation.
Mary started on chemotherapy, which lasted eight months. “While on chemotherapy, I didn’t have one ounce of energy,” Mary says. “But I knew I had to keep a good attitude to survive.” Chemotherapy was followed by six weeks of radiation.

“The staff gave me wonderful care. They are wonderful people,” Mary says. “Throughout my treatment, I opened my eyes and looked at how I was surrounded by survivors.” That, along with staff encouragement, kept her going in the rough times.

Today, Mary is cancer free and feeling great. She wants people with cancer to know—especially those with breast cancer—that they, too, can survive. “If you have the best [healthcare] team, like I did at Fairview Lakes, and a good attitude, you’ll be among us survivors.”

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