Living with hope and compassion

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Fit, active and dedicated to living a healthful lifestyle, Robyn faithfully goes in for her annual health screenings and mammograms. A single mother of two grown children and hospital volunteer, she enjoys a rich and happy life. Her lifestyle and family connections, however, proved to be a small comfort when she received troubling news following her annual mammogram four-and-a-half years ago.

When she learned that her mammogram showed a spot on her breast, Robyn wasn’t too concerned at first. An MRI and biopsy followed, however, sealing her fate—it was breast cancer. A mere five days after that fateful mammogram, Robyn’s doctor performed a lumpectomy to remove the cancerous tissue.

“When I was first diagnosed, I felt like my whole life had stopped,” she recalls. “I thought to myself, I’m not going to see my children get married. I’m not going to have grandchildren. I was devastated.” Overcome with fear, Robyn tried to gain some kind of emotional footing.

The doctors, nurses and other providers at the Fairview Ridges Hospital Breast Center in Burnsville rallied around her, and proved to be her saving grace. “The staff’s care and concern took the fear right out of my diagnosis,” she says.

After receiving her diagnoses, Robyn’s doctors and nurses created a treatment plan. Their kindness, which allayed her initial fears, also established trust. Robyn never wavered in following the plan. “I followed that plan to a T; it clicked, and it’s still clicking,” she says. “I’m cancer-free going on five years.”

The compassion and follow-up care that Robyn received lifted her spirits throughout the illness and recovery. No question or concern was too insignificant for the staff to address fully and kindly. “I never felt like I was out there by myself,” she says. “Fairview taught me how to live with hope. It’s the key to my success.”

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