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Diagnostic mammography
A diagnostic mammogram is often used when women or men experience breast problems (lump, pain or nipple discharge) or have received an abnormal screening mammogram that needs additional evaluation. 

A diagnostic mammogram involves taking additional X-ray images from different angles and enlarging the images to make evaluation and detection easier. In many cases, a diagnostic mammogram will help show that an abnormal looking area is not cancer.  In those cases, the radiologist may recommend you return at a later date for a follow-up mammogram. 

If a diagnostic mammogram does show an area needs additional evaluation, your doctor may recommend you undergo additional breast imaging (ultrasound) or have a breast biopsy.

If a biopsy is recommended, it does not mean you have cancer.  The majority of biopsies—nearly 80%—are found to be non-cancerous (benign).  There are many different types of biopsies and it is recommended you talk with your doctor to decide which is best for you.

Fairview breast specialists
Whether you're having your annual breast screening or are in need of diagnostic testing, our team of breast-care specialists are available to provide you with the best care possible. Our team of medical experts provides a full range of breast screening and diagnostic services.

  • Subspecialty radiologists - Onsite radiologists who specialize in breast health will interpret your breast exam. Diagnostic exams are interpreted immediately, so you'll receive your results before you leave. Results for annual screening mammograms are typically available within a few days.
  • Certified technologists - Fairview mammography and ultrasound technologists are certified in breast-imaging technology. At Fairview, our dedicated staff provide you with a comfortable and private exam of the highest quality.

Fairview diagnostic locations
Fairview offers comprehensive diagnostic mammography services at several locations throughout central Minnesota.  For a convenient location near you visit

Burnsville - Fairview Ridges Hospital - Breast Center
Edina - Fairview Southdale Hospital - Breast Center
Hibbing - Fairview University Medical Center, Mesabi - Breast Center
Maple Grove - University of Minnesota Health Maple Grove Clinics - Breast Center
Minneapolis - University of Minnesota Medical Center - Breast Center
Princeton - Fairview Northland Medical Center - Breast Care
Wyoming - Fairview Lakes Medical Center - Breast Care
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