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OB intake nurses' calming advice reassures first-time moms

Melissa gave birth to her first child, Nolan, in July 2012. She credits her positive childbirth experience to OB nurse navigator Deb Hall, obstetrician Julie Becker, MD, and the obstetrical team at Fairview Lakes Medical Center.

CDM-2013-FLMC Birthplace Melissa and Nolan

“The day that I found out I was pregnant, I panicked,” says Melissa. “I didn’t know what I should and shouldn’t do or even how to select a doctor. I had gone to the Fairview Clinic in Hugo before, which is close to my home in Centerville, so knew I at least wanted to stay with Fairview for my pregnancy.

Melissa was referred to Deb Hall, the obstetrical nurse navigator at Fairview Lakes Medical Center. A former delivery room nurse with more than 30 years of professional and practical experience in the areas of pregnancy and childbirth, Deb helps expectant women select a physician, make their initial appointment and find answers to all of their questions.

“Deb succeeded at bringing me back down to earth,” says Melissa. “During our initial phone conversation, she told me to think about my questions and then make another appointment to talk with her—so I did, and she answered every single one.”

When it came to selecting a physician, Deb advised Melissa to visit and read the OB-GYN Fairview Lakes Medical Center physician profiles. Melissa liked what Julie Becker, MD, had to say in hers and scheduled her eight-week appointment. After meeting Dr. Becker, Melissa and her husband agreed that she was the perfect doctor for them.

Melissa decided to deliver at Fairview Lakes Medical Center in Wyoming because she knew with it being a smaller hospital, she’d be more than just a room number to her care team. “I was admitted on a Friday and Nolan was born Saturday morning,” continues Melissa. “Throughout my labor and delivery, we were a family, and the team took great care of us. Everyone understood my plans and worked together to deliver a happy and healthy baby. I went through every single emotion in that 24-hour period, and I really appreciated the nurses’ insights as to what was best for Nolan.”

Melissa reports that the staff was also really great about getting her husband involved right away. “They even showed him how to change Nolan’s diaper—that may not seem like a big deal to some, but to us it was huge. Being first-time parents, we really felt that we received genuine health care. I want to be sure that others in our community are aware that we have a great facility just down the road.”

If you’re pregnant and are interested in working with Deb Hall, call 651-982-7135. Leave your name and contact information, and Deb will get back to you at a time convenient for you. To schedule an appointment at the OB-GYN Clinic at Fairview Lakes Medical Center, call 651-982-7670.
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