The Birthplace at Fairview patient stories
Our moms love to share how The Birthplace at Fairview helped their new family get off to a great start. Read or view just a few of our patient stories to get a feel for the type of care you can expect to receive at any of our locations.

Felicia - A 2 a.m. delivery in the middle of a snowstorm didn't phase the doctors and nursing staff

Felicia’s labor began during the middle of a blizzard that made driving treacherous. Her husband Dan says he just put the car in gear and kept going, concerned that if he stopped they would get stuck. Despite arriving at Fairview Lakes Medical Center at 2 a.m. during the worst snowstorm in years and having their daughter delivered by C-section two

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Sarah - Delivering her baby was a comfortable, hometown experience at The Birthplace

When she was ready to give birth, the nurses at The Birthplace helped Sarah through the delivery. Her doctor even rushed back from vacation and made it into the delivery room in the nick of time.

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Melissa - OB intake nurses' calming advice reassures first-time moms

Melissa gave birth to her first child, Nolan, in July 2012. She credits her positive childbirth experience to OB nurse navigator Deb Hall, obstetrician Julie Becker, MD, and the obstetrical team at Fairview Lakes Medical Center.

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Molly - A successful C-section without any complications

A second-time mom, Molly was scheduled to have a routine C-section at Fairview Southdale Hospital.

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