State-of-the-art treatment for vascular conditions


At the Vascular Health Center, we specialize in state-of-the-art care for many different vascular conditions, from common to complex. Our team of experts come from a variety of medical backgrounds, so you can make all of your appointments in the same location.

Conditions we treat:
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Thoracic aortic aneurysm
  • Popliteal aneurysms
  • Carotid artery stenosis
  • Peripheral arterial disease
  • Small vessel disease (Raynaud’s, Buerger’s, etc.)
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Renal artery stenosis
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Diabetes

Our goal is to provide the least-invasive, most-effective treatment possible to ensure a rapid return to health. Our staff will work with you to select the best treatment for your condition and lifestyle. If surgery is required, we can repair common vascular problems using advanced, minimally-invasive techniques in our state-of-the-art facility at Fairview Southdale Hospital. To treat your vascular conditions, we offer the following services:
Diagnostic evaluations

  • Ultrasound exams
    • Abdominal aortic and arterial ultrasounds
    • Bypass graft ultrasound
    • Carotid and venous ultrasounds
  • Doppler exams
    • Peripheral arterial evaluation
    • Ankle/Brachial Index
  • Diagnostic angiography
  • Vein mapping

Minimally-invasive treatment

  • Angioplasty
  • Atherectomy
  • Chemo Embolization
  • Dialysis Access Placement
  • Endovascular Grafts
  • Embolization
  • Spermatic vein ligation
  • Stents
  • Thrombolysis
  • Uterine Artery Embolization

Surgical services
  • Artery bypass grafts

Dialysis access

Medical management

Health improvement

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