Allergy and asthma services at Fairview Lakes Medical Center

Allergies, Asthma, Immunology

Living with allergies, asthma or immune-system disorders can be irritating—sometimes even life-threatening. 

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Allergies, Asthma, Immunology

The allergy clinic at Fairview Lakes Medical Center in Wyoming is located near the main entrance. Call 651-982-7793 for an appointment..

Allergy Care – We’ve got you covered
Whether you’re allergic to pollen, milk or your cat, our doctors know exactly how to help you. They’ll effectively treat your allergens (the substance you’re allergic to) and provide up-to-date care for allergies related to the environment (mold, dust mites, pet dander, bugs/bees), the weather (seasonal allergies), food, eczema and medication

How does allergy testing work?
Skin tests find out what triggers your allergy symptoms. During allergy skin testing, small drops of a protein are placed on your skin with a gentle poke. If you’re allergic to the item, the skin around the test area will turn red. Reaction to each skin test is measured. Once all the measurements are done, your doctor will go over the results with you—clearly and carefully.

How do allergy shots work?
Allergy shots, also known as immunotherapy, are used to prevent allergic reactions to things like grass pollen, house dust mites and bee venom. In a series, shots are given by injecting small, gradually increasing amounts of the allergen under the skin of the arm. Shots are usually given once a week for about 30 weeks and then less often for three to five years. The gradual increase of the allergen causes your immune system to become less sensitive to it, which reduces your symptoms. For people with asthma, allergy shots also can help relieve the allergic reactions that trigger asthma episodes.

Asthma shouldn’t control your life
To help you control your asthma, our doctors can help you take all the most important steps: 
  • Understand your asthma
  • Recognize asthma signs and symptoms
  • Learn about your triggers and how to avoid allergens
  • Control asthma episodes
Before your first appointment:
In order to provide you with the best possible care, our allergy team asks that you complete this form and bring it with you to your first appointment. 
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