Sleep Consultation


When should I see a doctor about
my sleep problems?

  • Do you wake up after sleeping at least seven hours and feel sluggish, with little energy for the day ahead?

  • Do you ever fall asleep or feel sleepy during meetings or while driving?

  • Does your bed partner complain about your snoring?
If so, you could have a sleep disorder. Or it could be the result of worry and stress, the effects of medications, or too much caffeine or alcohol. To be sure, talk with your primary care provider who might recommend changes in your lifestyle or arrange a sleep consultation. You may also request a sleep consultation at a Fairview sleep center without a provider referral. Fairview’s sleep specialists offer sleep consultations and studies at several locations in the Twin Cities and surrounding area.

A sleep consultation is the first step
As part of the sleep consultation, a sleep specialist will talk to you in detail to determine if you have a sleep disorder. We will also review your sleep habits.

To better define your problem, you may be asked to complete a sleep diary or wear a home-monitoring device while sleeping. In some instances, a sleep study may be recommended.

You can also download the attached risk assessment tool. This tool allows you to score your sleep status and determine if a sleep study might benefit you. 
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