Curriculum Overview

The Fairview/MOSMI Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship offers orthopedic surgeons the chance to develop wide-ranging community-based sports medicine knowledge and skills by evaluating and treating athletes of all ages and abilities.

While Fellows can expect some exposure to professional athletes and teams, our program primarily focuses on providing care for Division I and III collegiate-level athletes, high school athletes and athletes in the community of all ages. In addition to clinical and surgical responsibilities, each Fellow provides team coverage for two high school athletic programs and has responsibilities for a Division I and a Division III collegiate school including their athletic training rooms.

Graduates will:
• Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to administrate a community-focused sports medicine practice including sideline coverage which serves youth, high school, collegiate, professional and recreational athletes.
• Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide complete orthopedic sports medicine care for athletes, including operative and non-operative treatment. This includes study of the pathology and biomechanics of athletic injuries and the physical and psychological manifestations of sports injuries and conditions.
• Develop professional and interpersonal patient care skills necessary for an outpatient and on-field sports medicine setting.
• Participate as a member of a sports medicine team that includes primary care sports medicine specialists, certified athletic trainers and rehabilitation specialists.
• Develop skills to design, implement and complete a community-focused sports medicine research study and publish the results.
• Prepare for advanced training in sports medicine.

Education Methods

In addition to the clinical and surgical exposure with the faculty, the fellow can expect didactic and interactive teaching opportunities including conferences (AOSSM and AAOS) and labs, presentations, imaging conferences and complicated case reviews.


Fellows are evaluated throughout the year in a number of ways, in accordance with recommendations made by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Evaluations are used to improve the Fellows’ performance and strengthen the curriculum.

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