Suffering from Hip Pain?

Is hip pain slowing you down? Join us for a FREE seminar to learn about treatment options for hip pain, including minimally-invasive anterior hip replacement. If you suffer from arthritis, hip pain, stiffness and limited hip movement, and you and your doctor determine hip replacement is the right treatment, then the minimally-invasive anterior approach may be the right option for you. This event features Owen O'Neill, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon with Twin Cities Orthopedics.


Wednesday, May 22
6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
International Room
Fairview Southdale Hospital
6401 France Ave. S., Edina

Limited space is available for this FREE event, registration is required. Call 612-594-7650 or register online.

What is the anterior approach to hip replacement?

With the anterior approach, the incision is made in the front (anterior) of your hip rather than the side (lateral) or back (posterior). This allows your surgeon to work between the major muscle groups without detaching muscles or tendons from your hip (pelvis) or thigh bone (femur) which avoids unnecessary trauma to the surrounding tissue. This minimally-invasive approach is performed on a specially designed hana® arthroplasty table.

By not cutting through the muscle or tendons, your recovery time in the hospital and at home will be quicker. With an anterior replacement, you will likely leave the hospital a full day earlier than other hip replacement procedures allow. 

In addition, an anterior hip replacement reduces the risk and precautions that patients with a traditional or lateral hip replacement experience, such as the risk of dislocation and restrictions on activities. After an anterior replacement, you will have full movement and flexibility.

The hana® arthroplasty table

The hana table is designed exclusively for hip and knee patients and has the capabilities to minimize trauma to muscles and tissue by allowing for exact placement of the leg. One leg is extended downward to allow access to the hip joint in a way that muscles do not have to be cut. Additionally, the table allows for a real-time X-ray which confirms that the hip replacement implant is precisely placed resulting in fewer complications.

If anterior hip replacement seems like the right options for you, the providers at Fairview Southdale Hospital can help.

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