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Fairview Orthotics and Prosthetics provides state-of-the-art orthopedic bracing and prosthetic devices (artificial limbs) to help you regain mobility and participate in life's activities.

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Fairview Orthotics and Prosthetics provides state-of-the-art equipment and a team to work closely with you, your family and your medical providers. We help you select appropriate design solutions and help you learn to use and care for them. This technology is intended to help you return to your existing lifestyle and participate in activities that are important to you.

Orthotics and Prosthetics for Adults

Orthopedic devices provide stability and support to help guide or limit movement of a specific body part (i.e., knee, ankle, back). With proper fit, training and care, these devices compensate for a wide variety of temporary or permanent muscular and skeletal disorders.
Conditions we successfully treat:
  • Drop foot
  • Scoliosis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Quadricep weakness
  • Deformities
  • Other chronic weaknesses
Examples of orthopedic braces include:
  • Head reshaping helmets for infants
  • Foot orthoses for running injuries or heel pain
  • Spinal braces for support following surgery
  • Braces to correct posture or deformities
  • Knee braces
  • Bone stimulation for fracture healing
Artificial limbs (prostheses) can greatly enhance your lifestyle in the wake of an amputation. Prosthetic devices are artificial parts (commonly limbs) used to replace a part of the body that is missing following birth defects, accidents or amputation.

Our prosthetists carefully consult with you and your physician before surgery whenever possible. They evaluate your specific needs to ensure your new limb fits well and performs at its best. Our prosthetic team uses the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing. We're one of the only prosthetic laboratories in the Twin Cities that offer you this level of customization to ensure the best fit possible.

Compression products and services
Edema (swelling) can result from surgery, injury, radiation treatment, pregnancy and other conditions. Left untreated, edema can result in pain, loss of tissue elasticity and increased risk of repeated infections (cellulitis). We offer a full array of compression stockings, sleeves, gloves, nightwear and other garments to help reduce the swelling, improve function, increase comfort and lessen pain for people experiencing edema or lymphedema.

We have has trained and certified specialists to measure and fit you properly with products that are right for your needs. We offer over- the counter garments, but can also provide custom garments when off-the-shelf options are unable to meet your needs. We offer this service at our Burnsville, Edina, St. Paul and Wyoming locations.

Post-mastectomy products and services
We are committed to helping women and men feel more comfortable and confident following breast cancer surgery and procedures, including total mastectomy and lumpectomy. Our wide selection of post-surgery products provide the fit you need to help you feel better about yourself as well as manage surgery-related symptoms.

Choose from an array of post-mastectomy products, which are as attractive as they are comfortable, in our showrooms or order your custom product from our professional certified fitters. Natural, life-like breast forms and bras for all body sizes and lifestyles will help you to feel more confident at work, in sports or by the pool.

We offer this service at our Burnsville, Edina, St. Paul and Wyoming locations.

Orthotics and Prosthetics for Kids

Head-Reshaping Orthotics (helmets)

You may have noticed that your baby’s head is not round. This is a common problem called plagiocephaly (PLAY-jee-uh-SEF-uh-lee). Plagiocephaly is a condition in which a baby’s head has an uneven or irregular shape. It often occurs prior to birth as a result of pressure inside the uterus, but it also can happen after birth. Head reshaping is a safe, effective and noninvasive method to mold the shape of the head to a more normal round.

The condition might occur before birth if:
  • The baby dropped early into the mother’s pelvis before delivery
  • The baby was breech
  • There were twins or multiple births
  • The baby was unusually large

After birth, the condition is generally caused by babies lying frequently in the same position or a tightening of a neck muscle which limits range of motion of the neck. Typically the head-reshaping helmet is worn for about five months. The optimal time to start wearing the helmet is when the bones in the head of the infant are still flexible, generally around four to eight months of age.

Our team takes great pride in sharing our expertise to fit your child with a head-reshaping helmet for an outcome that will last a lifetime. The St. Paul location is our specialty site for head-reshaping helmets, but appointments are also available for this service at our Wyoming and Burnsville locations.

Foot orthotics
Foot orthotics (FO) is typically a custom-made support that fits in the shoe under the foot. The most common reason orthotics are ordered for children is to correct pronation of the feet. Pronation occurs when the heel angles inward and the arch of the foot tends to collapse. Untreated, this condition may lead to foot and ankle pain.

Supramalleolar orthotics
Supramalleolar orthotics (SMO) are recommended for children who need more support than a foot orthotic can provide. This type of orthotic is a brace that fits in the shoe underneath the foot and extends just above the ankle. It is used for children who need moderate support due to low muscle tone and is helpful for toddlers as they transition to standing and walking activities.

Ankle-foot orthotics
An ankle-foot orthotic (AFO) is a brace that is designed to help control the motion of the ankle joint and also offers support to the foot. AFO’s are customized to fit your child's foot and ankle and combine a custom foot support with an attached ankle brace. The brace fits in the shoe under the foot and on the calf to control the motion of the ankle and can help stabilize the knee.

Infants and children may need artificial limbs (prostheses) due to birth defect, accident or amputation. Patients younger than 18 require a specialized approach to their prosthetic care and should be evaluated by their prosthetist every three to six months. Their prosthesis will require modifications at least once a year depending on the child’s growth. Our team uses the latest in computer-aided design and the manufacturing technology to ensure an accurate fit.

Exceptional Service
Service sets us apart from other suppliers. Our professional orthotists and prosthetists are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics and have advanced skills and training in the biomechanics of the human body. We provide in-house fabrication and same or next-day custom production.

That flexibility contributes to our ability to give you superior fit, and can speed up your discharge from the hospital.

Our Care Team

Our certified orthotists and prosthetists will work with you to create a unique solution based on your goals and abilities.



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