Hip and knee replacement surgery rehab facilities


Getting you home safely
 Most people stay in the hospital for one to three nights after surgery. Your care team will help you make a plan for leaving the hospital. This discharge plan is based on your progress in using your new joint, your body’s healing, your home setup and the people who will support you.

During your hospital stay you will work toward several goals, such as getting in and out of bed safely and walking with your walker, crutches or cane. Your care team will review your needs with you and discuss a recovery plan.
  • You may be discharged directly home and recover with or without home health care services
  • You may need to be discharged to a rehab facility for extra support prior to going home
  • Due to a change while in the hospital, you may need to be discharged to a rehab facility for extra support even though you initially planned to go directly home following surgery.

Prior to surgery, you should prepare a Plan B, or a plan for the possibility of being discharged to a rehab facility prior to going home. We ask that all our patients identify two rehab facilities they would consider using, if needed.

Do you have a plan B?
Our hospitals and surgeons replace thousands of joints every year without problems, and most people go straight home. Though rare, it is possible that you may need extra support at a rehab facility after leaving the hospital. For this reason, we ask everyone to have a back-up plan, or a plan B. As a Plan B, you should choose two rehab facilities you may use, if needed. This allows you to continue getting the care you need. You should verify that these facilities are covered by your insurance and inform the hospital’s social worker of your selections.
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