Durable medical equipment


Helpful tools for your recovery period
You can buy or rent special equipment to make daily tasks easier. Besides a cane, walker or crutches, many people go home with a leg lifter, raised toilet seat and a reacher. Your occupational therapist can advise you on what you will need right now and in the future. After your surgery, many daily tasks will be difficult to perform while you recover. The following tools can make these tasks simpler.

General help

Reacher - A reacher helps you grab things that are too high or too low. It can also help you put clothes on.
Leg-lifter - Use a leg lifter to move your leg safely in and out of a bed, car or bathtub.

Bathing help

Tub or shower chair - This is helpful if can’t stand up long enough to shower, or if you have trouble getting into or out of the tub. It is often used with a hand-held showerhead.
Tub transfer bench - A bench keeps you from having to step over the edge of the bathtub. It is useful for people who cannot bear full weight on their leg. It is also useful for those who are not yet confident of their strength or balance.
Clamp-on tub rail - You can hold onto this rail when getting in or out of the bathtub. It must be installed on the edge of your tub.
Long-handled sponge - Use this to wash your feet, legs and back without bending.
Hand-held shower head - This lets you control the spray of water while sitting down in the tub or a shower chair.

Toileting help

Grab bars - Install grab bars to hold onto when on or off the toilet or into or out of the shower.
Raised toilet seat - This makes it easier for you to get on or off the toilet.
Commode - This is a portable toilet. It lets you stay on any floor of your home, even if you don’t have a bathroom on that level.
Toilet tongs - Tongs let you use toilet paper without twisting your body.

Help getting dressed
Elastic laces - Elastic laces allow you to put on shows that are already laced.
Long-handled shoehorn - With a shoehorn, you can put your shoes on without bending
Sock aid - A sock aid helps you put socks on without bending
Dressing stick - You can use a dressing stick to get dressed without bending. It can help remove socks or put on pants.
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