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At Fairview Northland Medical Center in Princeton, we have built an expanded orthopedic team so that you can get the care you need, close to home. No orthopedic problem is too simple or too complex for us to handle.

From diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, we care for patients through all stages of their orthopedic care. Our team has many years of experience and with this kind of knowledge and expertise, we have you covered from head to toe.

A team to trust
To help keep you active and pain free, we have all of the orthopedic doctors that you will need in the Northland area. We now have general orthopedic and sports medicine physicians, podiatrists (foot and ankle specialists), orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists – all working together to solve your orthopedic issues. Now is the best time to take care of that nagging pain or strain you’ve been nursing. Call us today at 763-389-6353.

A winning game plan
Our team is equipped to treat patients of any age and all activity levels. Whether it is an injury or just normal wear and tear, we work closely with each patient to develop treatment plans to help you get back in the game. We will help you stay healthy and active enough so that you can enjoy what you like to do.

We specialize in helping our patients maximize function and mobility, caring for their muscles, bones, and joints. We use surgical and non-surgical techniques to reduce pain and speed recovery.

We make it easy
We see patients in Princeton, Milaca, Zimmerman, Elk River and Rogers. Our team can help you with any appointments that you need throughout your care - whether you need a sports and orthopedic care doctor or orthopedic surgeon.

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Call us at 763-389-6353 so you can get the care that best fits your specific needs.

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Our Providers Make the Difference
Fairview features nearly 4,000 providers practicing at over 200 locations throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and beyond. Fairview Clinics, University of Minnesota Physicians and our independent partner clinics provide an exceptional care experience, while lowering the overall costs of health care.

Complex hip repair leads to remarkable recovery

As a retired pastor, Vernon believes in the healing power of faith and he put it to the test recently.


Vernon is doing great following hip repair surgery.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, Vernon and his wife of 60 years were leaving church in Milaca when he slipped on ice in the parking lot.

“I tried to get up and my foot was lying sideways. I knew my hip was broken immediately,” recalls Vernon. “When the paramedics arrived, I asked them to take me to the emergency room at Fairview Northland Medical Center.”

An emergency doctor confirmed Vernon had severely broken his hip and part of his femur. The doctor called in an orthopedic specialist, David Lindgren, MD, right away.

“Dr. Lindgren explained my condition and told me I’d need surgery to fix it,” says Vernon “Together, we decided to go with the trickier, or more complex surgery, as it would provide me with the best outcome.”

Dr. Lindgren performed a partial hip replacement along with cabling of the hip to repair Vernon’s injury. Following surgery, Vernon was amazed at how little pain he experienced and said his hospital nurses did a great job of managing the pain he did feel. After a few days in the hospital, Vernon transferred to Elim Rehab to continue his recovery.

“The surgery we chose required me to keep pressure off of my leg and hip for about a month. I’m very active so that was the most difficult part, but in the end, it was worth it. I did physical therapy to regain my strength and mobility. I quickly moved from using a crutch to a cane, to nothing at all by the end of February. In fact, I was able to use the snow blower to clear the snow after a couple of snow storms that month.”

Vernon continues to exercise three to five times a week and is doing great.

“I believe God expects us to be good stewards of everything, including our body, so I stay active and live well,” shares Vernon. “Dr. Lindgren is a blessing. He did a great job – he was very up front about my choices and the limitations I’d face following surgery. My recovery has been remarkable.”
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