Athletic Training at Fairview Lakes Medical Center

Our certified athletic trainers are ready to work with you to prevent and treat sports-related injuries, and help you recondition after an injury so that you can return to play as quickly and safely as possible.


If you are an athlete, Fairview athletic trainers can help you achieve peak performance. Our staff work with how you move to help you prevent injury. If you have an injury, they’ll help you recover as well as improve strength and movement to prevent further injury and limit disability.

We’re part of your school teams
Our athletic trainers are active members of the athletic departments at North Branch and Forest Lake High Schools. They provide services on the field and in the training rooms for all sports, dance and gymnastics.

Make an appointment
A physician referral is required for an evaluation. Would you like more information or to schedule an appointment? Call us at 651-982-7825.

Orthopedic Center attached to Fairview Lakes Medical Center
Fairview Lakes Physical Therapy
5130 Fairview Blvd.

North Branch
Fairview Clinics – North Branch
5366 386th St.

In the metro area, the Institute for Athletic Medicine provides our expert athletic training services. 
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