Patient stories

 Alana — Facing your fears

Despite a family history of breast cancer, 59-year-old Alana let her fear of pain stand in the way of having a mammogram—a fear that almost cost her life. As a result, Alana had to face a greater challenge than a few minutes of discomfort: stage 3 breast cancer.
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 Joan — Regular mammograms can mean early detection

Like many women, Joan knows the importance of annual mammograms. In 2008, her vigilance helped detect her cancer early. Today, she’s cancer free.
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 Mary — Stage 4 survivor

While in the shower one day, Mary discovered a lump. Luckily she also discovered a care team that helped her beat her disease.
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 Robyn — Living with hope and compassion

Fit, active and dedicated to living a healthful lifestyle, Robyn was devastated when she learned she had cancer. Thankfully, her doctors and nurses allayed her fears and lifted her spirits throughout her illness and recovery.
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 Sherrie – Making time for your annual mammogram

For years, Sherrie was vigilant about getting her annual mammogram, but for no specific reason, she stopped. Several years later, she awoke with an achy upper arm and a sore breast—inflammatory breast cancer.
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Becki – Help was there when she needed it most

Married with three children, Becki was busy keeping up with everyday life. Suddenly, her life changed when she noticed a lump in her breast. Thankfully, she found a caring team of specialist who helped put her life back on track.
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 Alana and Kathy — A patient’s story is a life-changer for another

When Alana’s story of breast cancer survival appeared in her mail, Kathy felt inspiration and relief. Someone else had gone through what she was going through. Alana’s story provided Kathy with hope and encouragement.
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