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Laboratory Information and Certificates

Researchers and study sponsors often request information about Fairview’s hospital laboratories, such as certifications and lab normal values. Therefore, we have provided this information below.

For information on labs not displayed here or copies of Lab Director's CVs, contact Fairview Research Administration by phone at (612) 672-7690 or e-mail

Hospital Lab Accreditation

University of Minnesota Medical Center - East Bank

University of Minnesota Medical Center - West Bank

Fairview Southdale Hospital

Fairview Ridges Hospital
Fairview Lakes Hospital
Fairview Maple Grove Hospital
Clinic Lab Accreditation

Fairview Fridley Clinic Office Building

Fairview Fridley Clinic
Lab Normal Values

Lab Staff Certification

Lab staff are required to complete bi-yearly training to handle, package and ship infectious substances. The training complies with local, state and national requirements. For more information contact the Specimen Management supervisor at (612) 273-3710.

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