Fairview Research Scientific Review Committee (RSRC)

The RSRC reviews study protocols which have not already undergone appropriate scientific review by another peer-review committee (e.g. Nursing Research Council) for submission to the IRB by Fairview or community researchers.

RSRC Submission Process

If a study requires RSRC review, the researcher should submit an electronic copy of the protocol and drafted IRB application, along with an Investigator's Brochure or Device User Manual, if applicable. The submission should be emailed to Fairview Research Administration, and no signatures are necessary.

After the RSRC has reviewed the study, FRA will notify the researcher of any concerns (stipulations). Once the stipulations have been addressed, the committee will submit a formal approval letter to the researcher. This should be included in the IRB submission.

Contact Information for Questions or Concerns

Please call the Research Regulatory Affairs Officer at 612-672-7680.

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