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Information for Research Study Volunteers

Participating in clinical research makes a valuable contribution to the advancement of health care. Through research, scientists and providers are able to discover and evaluate new and improved treatments for diseases.

Fairview and the University of Minnesota Partnership for Research

Fairview Health Services, in partnership with the University of Minnesota and University of Minnesota Physicians, has a strong commitment to health research. Together we view research as an integral and critical component in providing exceptional care to our patients and the community. 

Help us to develop tomorrow's treatments today.

Asking Questions and Reporting Research Concerns

As we strive to develop medical innovations and become a leading academic medical center, research is becoming increasingly important. As Fairview/ M-Health employees, we have responsibility to ask questions and report concerns about research conducted within our facilities. Reporting concerns is the duty of all Fairview/M-Health; all concerns are taken seriously, investigated, and if appropriate, necessary action is taken. Details of any action taken may not always be disclosed to the individual who reported the concern, but all concerns are taken seriously and will be investigated.
There are several channels for anyone to ask questions or report research concerns:

  • Talk with your manager, supervisor, or Human Resources
  • Contact Fairview's Research Administration Department, 612-672-7690 or
  • Call the Fairview Research Helpline, 612-672-7692 or toll-free, 1-866-508-6961
  • Contact the Corporate Compliance Department, 612-672-6693
  • Call the Fairview Compliance Hotline, 612-672-2300 or toll-free, 1-866-530-4694. You can remain anonymous
  • Submit via the Fairview Corporate Compliance online reporting option. Go to the Fairview Intranet, scroll to the right for the Compliance Reporting link on the top of the page. You can remain anonymous
  • Call the University of Minnesota Institutional Review Board (IRB) Research Subjects' Advocate Line, 612-625-1650
  • Submit to the University of Minnesota IRB online reporting option.

"We hope you will pass this information along to any patient,researcher, staff or anyone else who might benefit from having it. We want to let everyone know that it is OK to have questions and share concerns." -Lizbeth (Beth) Thomas, DO, interim Chief Medical Officer.


Discrimination is Against the Law. We comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws and Minnesota laws. We do not discriminate against, exclude or treat people differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. Please see our Patients’ Bill of Rights.
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