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Fairview Research Accounts & Billing

Fairview Research Administration provides a range of services essential to the research process such as research pricing and billing, as well as, budget development and coverage analysis.

Pricing and Billing

The University of Minnesota and Fairview Health Services have defined a process for the purchase, use of, and payment for research services provided by Fairview Health Services and University of Minnesota Physicians. There are two underlying principles of this process:
  • Researchers contact Fairview Research Administration and describe the services required to conduct their research project. This includes distinguishing research from routine-care services.
  • Fairview Research Administration will provide researchers with service codes and prices for requested tests or procedures. They will also set up research accounts and manage billing for research study-related services.
This process is described in more detail in the Time and Study Collection System (TASCS) User’s Manual.
Additional Information for Research Pricing and Billing


Clinical Trials Coverage Analysis

When researchers use Fairview or University of Minnesota Physicians’ services, they need to work with Fairview Research Administration for a coverage analysis to support compliant billing practices.
Additional Information for Research Coverage Analysis 

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