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Research Agreements & Contracts Involving Fairview

Fairview Research Administration provides guidance and oversight for research agreements involving Fairview Health Services. This includes Statements of Intent, Sub-contracts and Professional Service Agreements, and Clinical Trial Agreements.

Other commonly requested information is Fairview's Research Rates Table.

Statements of Intent

Fairview Research Administration can work with researchers to create a Statement of Intent (SOI) for a Consortium Agreement with Fairview when needed for a grant application. The SOI is a written document informing the (federal) granting agency that Fairview agrees to deliver the stated work as indicated in the study budget if the grant is awarded.
Researchers can submit requests for a SOI through the University of Minnesota’s Time and Study Collection System (TASCS). Researchers will need to provide a work scope and budget describing Fairview’s role in the proposed project (grant application).

Sub-contracts and Professional Service Agreements

Fairview Research Administration can assist researchers with processing sub-contracts between their institution and Fairview, or professional service agreements that outline the terms and conditions for the purchase of the time by Fairview staff for the purposes of a research study.

Clinical Trial Agreements

Fairview Research Administration can work with researchers and study sponsors to review and finalize clinical trial agreements involving Fairview Health Services. Prior to being finalized and executed, research-related agreements must be reviewed by the appropriate staff in Fairview’s Legal and Research Administration departments.

Contact Information for Assistance
Research Regulatory Affairs Officer, Fairview Research Administration
Phone: 612-672-7680


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