Fairview Research Administration
2344 Energy Park Drive
Saint Paul, MN 55108
Phone: 612-672-7690
Fax: 612-672-7691
Research Helpline: 612-672-7692
or toll free 1-866-508-6961



Research Administration

What We Do

Research Administration is experienced with the details of research requirements. We provide a range of services essential to the research process such as regulatory support and consultation, contract review and signing, research pricing and billing, as well as, budget development.

Who We Serve

Research Administration is the first point of contact for research occurring within Fairview Health Services. Our office serves Fairview researchers, employees, community physicians, and our patients. We also work with the Academic Health Center at the University of Minnesota to further research and education efforts within the community and beyond.

Our Mission
Fairview Health Services, in partnership with the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center and University of Minnesota Physicians, has a strong and abiding commitment to research. Together we view research as an integral and critical component in providing exceptional care to patients and the community.

We seek to be a national leader in clinical research and a regional center for clinical research activities. This commitment includes providing the resources of time, money, and talent while ensuring the facilities, supporting infrastructures, and processes are available to facilitate and encourage the creation of new knowledge.

Research Questions

We invite you to contact Research Administration by phone at 612-672-7690 or e-mail.  


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