Required Learning

Our commitment to a safe and caring environment for patients and staff begins with knowledge. 

Fairview's Required Learning presents fundamental and important information that helps all of us create a safe and caring environment. Required Learning is for all Fairview employees, students, volunteers, agency staff, contractors and licensed independent practitioners, including physicians.

These lessons contain information about the requirements our accrediting agencies identify as needing to be reviewed annually. We review this information not merely as a requirement, but as a basis for creating a culture of patient and employee safety by incorporating the information and skills consistently into daily practice.

How to complete your Required Learning
All students must complete all five modules:

  • Lesson One: Driving Experience - Students, volunteers, and other contracted staff
  • Lesson Two: Driving Excellence - Students, volunteers, and other contracted staff
  • Lesson Three: Driving Engagement - Students, volunteers, and other contracted staff
  • Lesson Four: Violence Prevention in the Workplace module - Students, volunteers, and other contracted staff 
  • Lesson Five: HIPAA module, required prior to clinical rotations, internships, etc. -  Students, volunteers, and other contracted staff 
    • Review the slides carefully. You may move forward or backward at any time using the arrows on the toolbar at the bottom of each lesson.
    • You must review all lessons to finish the Required Learning program. (Please allow approximately 45 minutes total to complete all lessons.)
    • Complete and submit the appropriate documentation form below.
Volunteers and contractors must also complete this Flu Seasonal Education

Documenting your Required Learning completion
Submit documentation of your Required Learning completion prior to working at a Fairview facility following the instructions provided in the documentation form.

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