Cynthia S. Fok, MD, MPH

Cynthia S. Fok, MD, MPH
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Urology Clinic at the Clinics and Surgery Center
909 Fulton St. SE
Minneapolis MN 55455

Philosophy of Care:

I am committed to treating all individuals with pelvic floor dysfunction. I believe in exploring all treatment options including surgical and non-surgical treatments.

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Clinical Interests:

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Research Interests:

Society of Women in Urology, Elizabeth Pickett research grant recipient 2011
Fok CS, McKinley K, Mueller ER, Kenton K, Schreckenberger PC, Wolfe AJ, Brubaker L. Day of Surgery Urine Cultures Identify Urogynecologic Patients at Increased Risk for Post-Operative Urinary Tract Infection, J Urol 2013; 189(5): 1721-1724.  Fok CS, Kenton K. Diagnostic cystourethroscopy for gynecologic conditions.  Fok CS, FitzGerald MP, Turk T, Mueller E, Dalaza L, Schreckenberger P. Reflex testing in male urine specimens misses few positive cultures, may reduce unnecessary testing of normal specimens. Urology 2010; 75:74-6.  Wheeler JS, Fok CS. Normal and Abnormal Micturition Spinal Cord Medicine in Principles and Practice, 2nd edition, edited by V. Lin. Demos Medical 2010.
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