Daniel James Guillaume, MD

Daniel James Guillaume, MD
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East Building, 12th Floor
2450 Riverside Ave.
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Mpls.St. Paul Magazine "Top Doctor" (2014)

Best Doctors in America, 2011-2012

Best Oregon Doctors, Portland Monthly Magazine, December 2006, 2007, 2008

Grant: Hearing loss in patient's treated for hydrocephalus: Capita Foundation, PI: Daniel Guillaume, MD; 1 year, starting Feb 2012

Grant: Imaging vascular properties of pediatric brain tumors using DSC-MRI with ferumoxytol (Code 7228) and DCE MRI with gadolinium in a single imaging session: An NCI sponsored exploratory trial; National Institute of Health - National Cancer Institute; PI: Edward Neuwelt, MD; 24 months, starting Aug 2009


Peer-reviewed Thompson EM, Guillaume DJ, Dosa E, Li X, Nazemi KJ, Hamilton BE, Neuwelt EA. Dual contrast perfusion MRI in a single imaging session for assessment of pediatric brain tumors, Submitted Guillaume DJ, Knight K, Bardo D, Kraemer D, Neuwelt EA. Cerebrospinal fluid shunting and hearing loss in patients treated for medulloblastoma, J Neurosurg: Peds, In Press, Jan 2012. Dosa E, Guillaume DJ, Haluska M, Lacey CA, Hamilton BE, Njus JM, Rooney WD, Kraemer DF, Muldoon LL, Neuwelt EA. (2011) Magnetic resonance imaging of intracranial tumors: intra-patient comparison of gadoteridol and ferumoxytol, J Neurorad Neuro-oncology, 13(2)251-260. (shared first author with E Dosa). Guillaume DJ. (2010) Minimally invasive neurosurgery for CSF Disorders, in Neurosurgery Clinics of North America, 21(4)653-672. Raskin J, Guillaume D and Ragel B. (2010) Laparoscopic induced pneumocephalus in a patient with a ventriculoperitoneal shunt: case report, J Neurosurgery - Pediatrics, 46(5)390-391. Guillaume D, Doolittle ND, Gahramanov S, Hedrick NA, Delashaw JB, and Neuwelt EA. (2010) Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy with Osmotic Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption for Aggressive Oligodendroglial tumors: Results of a Phase I Study, Neurosurgery, 66 (1). Guillaume DJ and Zhang SC. (2008) Human embryonic stem cells: a potential source of transplantable neural progenitor cells. Neurosurg Focus, 24 (3&4):E2, Mar-Apr 2008. Guillaume DJ, Huhn SL, Selden NR and Steiner RD. (2008) Cellular therapy for childhood neurodegenerative disease. Part I: rationale and preclinical studies. Neurosurg Focus 24 (3&4):E21, Mar-Apr 2008. Selden NR, Guillaume DJ, Steiner RD and Huhn SL. (2008) Cellular therapy for childhood neurodegenerative disease. Part II: clinical trial design and implementation. Neurosurg Focus 24 (3&4):E22, Mar-Apr 2008. Reviews and Chapters Guillaume DJ, Doolittle ND, Neuwelt EA. Oligodendroglial Tumors: Intra-arterial chemotherapy, in "Tumors of the CNS", E. Hayat (ed), In Press, 2011 Guillaume DJ and Menezes AH. (2009) Hydrocephalus in Chiari malformation and other craniovertebral junction abnormalities, in Mallucci C and Sgouros S (editors) "Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders" Informa Healthcare, NY; pp 300 - 317. Guillaume DJ and Teo C. (2009) Endoscopic management of specific disease entities, in Mallucci C and Sgouros S (editors) "Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders" Informa Healthcare, NY; pp 508 - 527. Guillaume DJ. (2008) Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Iskandar B (ed) (educational series of the an Arab Journal of Neurosurgery), ISSN, pp 238 - 258.


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