Michael Campoli, MD, PhD

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Fairview Clinics - Wyoming
Fairview Lakes Medical Center
5200 Fairview Blvd.
Wyoming, MN 55092
Fax: 651-982-7122

Philosophy of Care:

I want to treat each patient like family while using state-of-the-art surgical and medical procedures to cure skin cancer and treat dermatological conditions.

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Clinical Interests:

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Board Certifications:

Hospital Privileges:

2009  Case Report Award Winner: Colorado Dermatologic  Society Annual Meeting
2009   ASDS Resident Scholarship Award
2009   ASDS Preceptorship Program Award, Sponsor: Dr. T. Rohrer
2009   Selected for SID Resident Retreat for Future Academicians
2008   Case Report Award Winner: Colorado Dermatologic Society Annual Meeting

Campoli, M., Fitzpatrick, J.E., High, W., Ferrone, S. HLA antigen expression in benign melanocytic lesions: Is acquisition of HLA antigen expression a biomarker of atypical (dysplastic) melanocytes? JNCI, 2010, Submitted. Chang, C.C., Ferro, F.,Wang, X., and Ferrone, S. Monitoring HLA-A2*0201-HER2/neu369-377 peptide complex expression on breast carcinoma cells. J Immunol 2009; In preparation.


Campoli, M., Ferro, F., Kaplan, B., Nishimura, M., Wang, X., and Ferrone, S. Lack of correlation between HLA-A*0201, MART1 and HLA-A2*0201-MART127-35 peptide complex expression by melanoma cells. Is this an escape mechanism? J Exp Med 2009; In preparation.

Wang, X., Campoli, M., Cho, H.S., Kageshita, T., and Ferrone, S. Generation and characterization of the anti-human b2m mAb SJJ-6 and 8.C5 capable of reacting with formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues. Tissue Antigens 2009; In preparation.

Campoli, M., Ogino, T., Wang, X., and Ferrone, S. Quantitative and functional analysis of antigen processing machinery component expression in human melanoma cells: Implications for immunotherapy. J Immunol 2009; Submitted.

Campoli, M., and Ferrone, S. Structural and Functional Characteristics and Clinical Relevance of the Human High Molecular Weight-Melanoma Associated Antigen (HMW-MAA) Melanoma Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycan (MCSP). Adv Ca Res 2009; Submitted.

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