Angela Bakke, MS, CGC

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Ciborowski, P., Kadiu, I., Rozek, W., Smith, L., Bernhardt, K., Fladseth, M., Ricardo-Dukelow, M., Gendelman, H.E. (2007). Investigating the human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected monocyte-derived macrophage secretome. Virology. 363(1):298-209.

Ciborowski, P., Enose, Y., Mack, A., Fladseth, M., Gendelman, H.E. (2004). Diminished matrix metalloproteinase 9 secretion in human immunodeficiency virus-infected mononuclear phagocytes: modulation of innate immunity and implications for neurological disease. J neuroimmunol. 157:11-16.

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