Virginia O’Brien, OTD, OTR/L, CHT

Philosophy of Care:

To enable persons to take charge of their health, teaching them to self manage independently.

Medical Title:



Clinical Interests:

Languages Spoken:


Research Interests:

Heiser R, O'Brien VH, Schwartz DA. The use of joint mobilization to improve clinical outcomes in hand therapy: A systematic review of the literature. J Hand Ther. 2013.26(4):297-311.

O'Brien VH. Letters to the Editor: Orthosis or orthotic: Which is it when? J Hand Ther. 2013;26(4): 369-70.

O'Brien VH, Contributing Editor in Yao J, Adams JE, Isaacs J, Rizzo M. Yearbook of Hand and Upper Limb Surgery 2013. Mosby . O'Brien VH, Thurn J. Practice Forum: A simple distal radioulnar orthosis. J Hand Ther. 2013;26 (3):287-290.

O'Brien VH, Giveans WR. Effects of a dynamic stability approach in conservative intervention of the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb: A retrospective study. J Hand Ther. 2013.26(1)44-52.

O'Brien VH, Contributing Editor in Yao J, Steinmann SP. Yearbook of Hand and Upper Limb Surgery 2012. Mosby .

Invited Commentary Article: O'Brien, VH. Clinical commentary in response to: Comparison of two carpometacarpal stabilizing splints for individuals with thumb osteoarthritis. J Hand Ther. 2011;24(3):227-230. 
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